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Worldwide English Literature and Worldwide Literatures

in English

- A virtual conference -

Jaén (Spain), 1-3 December 2020


Due to the current Covid-19 situation worldwide, the organising committee for this conference would like to announce that this event will now be 100% online. This we understand has the following advantages: firstly we contribute to not making the current situation worse; secondly, researchers reluctant to have a “blank year” on their CVs will have the opportunity to continue spreading their knowledge worldwide; thirdly, logistic costs (transportation, lodging etc.)  will be reduced to a minimum and the saving of time will no doubt appeal to scholars with a tight schedule and less accessibility to travel grants from their institutions. We also understand that this new format for the conference requires a new deadline, which is why we are resending this call for papers with this added information, both for those who have already sent their proposals and for those who wish to join us.


English studies in the United Kingdom, whether of literature or language, have been forced to undergo greater self-evaluation in the academy in recent years, both culturally as successive governments attempt to shift the focus of Higher Education more towards the sciences and away from Arts and Humanities, and politically as the dominance of England within a post-Brexit UK leads to deeper criticism of the role of English literature in relation to Scotland, Wales and Ireland. As such, this conference represents an opportunity to frame some of those debates in a wider context and to shift the locus of English studies away from Anglophone countries to a European context and towards global literatures in English.

 The virtual conference will be held in Google Meet. 

Find the poster of the conference here:

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